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reviews of the SPQ20 sport psychology test  

What the critics say

The SPQ20 sport psychology assessment test has been reviewed recently by two professional bodies.

BUROS Center for Testing. The Buros Center for Testing is an independent organization within the University of Nebraska--Lincoln that is the world’s premier test review center.

British Psychological Society’s Psychological Testing Centre (PTC). The British Psychological Society is the leading national organisation for setting standards in psychological testing in Great Britain.


The BPS directs the work of the PTC through the Committee on Test Standards (CTS), whose role is to set, promote and maintain standards in testing.

The reviews gave a favorable evaluation of the assessment and recommended further research to strengthen the construct and concurrent validities of the instrument’s scale scores.

The BUROS review states that the assessment shows promise as an additional tool for athletes, coaches and sports psychologists who seek to describe and improve athletic performance.

The review confirms that adequate evidence supports the reliability and factor structure of the SPQ20 and there is construct validity evidence among SPQ20 scale scores and IPIP marker variables.

The PTC review concludes that the SPQ20 makes a unique contribution to sport and exercise psychology in its emphasis on how personality attributes and mental factors can contribute to performance.

The instrument evaluation of the SPQ20 rates the quality of documentation as good and the quality of materials as excellent. The norms, construct and criterion-related validity and the overall reliability of the assessment are all rated as good.

1.0 stars Inadequate
2.0 stars Adequate or Reasonable
3.0 stars Good
4.0 stars Excellent

Characteristics Evaluation
Quality of Documentation
3.0 stars
Quality of Materials
4.0 stars
Norms and reference groups
3.0 stars
Construct validity
3.5 stars
Criterion-related validity
3.0 stars
3.0 stars