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SPQ20 team assessment testing  

Global online assessment

The internet has moved assessment from paper and pencil tests to the web where tests can be undertaken remotely and employers can have instant access to the results.

This is now the assessment process of choice for individuals and organizations. Our online testing system has an easy and intuitive interface for test takers with a simple email invitation and login process. There is a similarly straightforward service for organizations with different feedback handling options for different applications.


For example, your account can be set up to provide feedback reports to the test administrator, the test taker or both the administrator and the test taker. In addition, the administrator can set up the system to have reports automatically emailed to colleagues.

When you place an order with us online, you enter the number and types of tests you require and set up the feedback report handling service to meet your needs. You pay for the order by credit card, and after the payment process has been completed, you get an email with your account operating instructions.

The email contains the separate login details for the test taker and the test administrator.  We also provide an optional hyperlink for insertion into your email invitation to test takers which avoids the need to enter a username and password.

In normal circumstances, reports in PDF format are generated within a minute or two of the test taker completing the assessment. If you have set up the system to allow the test taker to see their own reports, test takers can view their results on screen and/or ask for a report to be emailed to them.

The majority of people find our service uncomplicated and trouble-free. Over 1 million people have taken our tests and we have a growing employer client list in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa.

The SPQ20 costs from 19.95 USD with discounts dependent on volumes.

  1-20 19.95
  21-50 18.95
  51-75 17.95
  76-100 16.95
  101-200 15.94
  Over 200 14.95


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