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Winning is all in the mind

Do you have the right attitude and confidence?

SPQ20 Sport Personality Questionnaire

SPQ20 Sport Psychology Assessment

Top athletes and their coaches recognize that elite athlete performance requires a combination of mental and physical skills. When you achieve the perfect combination, you are playing in the zone. The SPQ20 sport personality assessment test provides information on your mental toughness and mental skills. The aim is to help you identify and work on any mental factors that may be impeding your performance.

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Work Ethic, Achievement Drive and Competitiveness

sports personality test

Sport performance is a function of an athlete's work ethic, achievement drive and competitiveness. We look at these personality factors and we also look at an athlete's mental skills and competencies.

Sportsmanship and Team Leadership Potential

sports resilience test

We look at how an athlete handles himself or herself in their sport and how they interact with their coach, team members, competitors and stakeholders.

Performance Confidence and Mental Resilience

sports confidence test

How an athlete handles pressure and stress has a huge impact on their performance and whether they are able to reach their goals and achieve their potential.


Feedback Report and Tips

The SPQ20 feedback report covers an athlete's overall mental ability and their team leadership potential. The report contains scorecards that indicate the performance level an athlete has reached on four key areas:  achievement drive and competitiveness, confidence and mental resilience, interaction and sportsmanship, and power and aggressiveness. The report also provides practical performance improvement tips and suggestions.

 SPQ20 Feedback Report


What the Critics Say

BUROS Center for Testing   BPS Psychological Testing Centre

The SPQ20 promises to be a useful tool for sport psychologists and coaches in advising and working with athletes for the purpose of enhancing athletic performance.


The SPQ20 makes a unique contribution to sport and exercise psychology in its emphasis on how personality attributes and mental factors can contribute to performance.

Download the SPQ20 User Manual and learn more about the technical properties of the test.

SPQ20 Feedback Report