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Achievement drive

Achievement drive
Goal setting
Tiger Woods Work Ethic  

What being achieving means

Top athletes are motivated to work hard and are prepared to make personal sacrifices to achieve excellence. Tiger Woods is one of the hardest-working athletes in sport and one of golf's most fierce competitors.  

These are a few examples of Tiger's behaviour that demonstrate his work ethic and achievement drive.

He puts in the hours. He has a punishing 12-hour daily routine, he keeps a strict diet and he works out for up to 10 hours per day when he's not golfing.  


He spends a lot of time on the practice ground--both before and after competitive rounds. 

He is driven to continually improve his skills. He changed his swing in 2002 after winning eight majors because he thought it could be improved further.

His drive and desire to win led him to play with a broken leg and injury to the anterior cruciate ligament at the 2008 US Open where he won. 

Keys to being achieving

Here are some keys to being achieving and showing work ethic to think about and measure yourself against.

  Do you have a dream about and goals for what you want to achieve in your sport?  
  Are you prepared to "work your butt off" to achieve success as a professional or amateur athlete?  
  Do you think you get the most out of training and practice and do you show through your actions that you are enthusiastic, determined and goal-driven?  
  Do you seek feedback from your coach and other athletes and do you review your performance continuously?  
  Do you show through your behavior and actions that you want to learn, you want to get better and your are prepared to put the work in?  
  Do you celebrate successes and good performances and and do you review and try to identify what went wrong in poor performances?  


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