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Athlete Assessment

Mental Toughness and Skills

Sport Personality Questionnaire (SPQ20)

The SPQ20 measures 20 mental skills covering 4 areas of mental toughness: work ethic, confidence, sportsmanship, and aggressiveness. The instrument is designed to help improve the mental attitude and skills of professional and amateur athletes of all ages. It enables sport psychologists and coaches to measure the mental skills level, confidence, and toughness of athletes in order to commence work with them. The feedback report provides a rich picture of an athlete's mental toughness and mental skills along with performance improvement tips.


Category Sport personality and mental skills
Uses Development programs, training courses, coaching, online learning modules
Audience Professional and amateur sportspeople of all ages
Measures 4 personality and mental skills factors, 20 trait and competency elements
Time 10-15 minutes
Norms Very large international reference group
Reliability Internal consistency
Validity Construct and criterion-related
Report Integrated text and graphics, guidance style, suitable for test takers and test users, publication quality
Price $19.95 (USD)


"The SPQ20 promises to be a useful tool for sport psychologists and coaches in advising and working with athletes...the instrument shows promise as an additional tool for athletes, coaches, and sport psychologists who seek to describe and improve athletic performance." Buros Center for Testing

"The SPQ20 makes a unique contribution to sport and exercise psychology in its emphasis on how personality attributes and mental factors can contribute to performance." British Psychological Society Psychological Testing Center


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The SPQ20 helps athletes understand

How their personality affects their performance in competitions