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Assessment Instructions

Sport Personality Questionnaire (SPQ20)

  • 1
    Completion Time

    Set aside about 15 minutes to do the assessment in one go when you are alert and free from interruptions.

  • 2
    Assessment Focus

    Focus on the mental skills and toughness that you display while performing in training and competition rather than outside sport.

  • 3
    Rating Scale

    Make use of the range of points on the rating scale when you assess your confidence and skills and avoid clicking again and again on the same checkbox.

  • 4
    Impression Management

    Try to be honest about your mental agility and strengths drawing on any recent feedback from fellow athletes and coaches on your performance and abilities.

  • 5
    Finish Assessment

    You must complete all the questionnaire items, enter your name and email address, and pay for the assessment before we can generate your results.